Church Outreach Ideas
church outreach ideas

What would it look like for your church to grow by 40%? 

Church outreach is a very important part of any growing church.  The mantra from the movie “Field of Dreams” -- “If you build it they will come.” -- is not necessarily true for growing a church.  Church outreach is more than a building.  In fact, church outreach is more than any one idea or program.  If you want to have sustained growth, you need an arsenal of great ideas.  My ebook, “Inflicting Positive Change In Your Outreach Ministry”, is filled with several ideas that will work together to help you develop a specific plan for your church that God might want to use to help you reach out to your community. 

As a Pastor, I know how important it is to get visitors to come to your church.  How can you have church outreach without any visitors?  Trust me, it is difficult.  But you already know that.  Isn’t that why you are here?  I’m glad you came.  Let me share my story with you.

I was an energetic young Pastor of 23 when I went to a small community in Ohio.  It was literally between Hicksville and Payne.  None the less, that is where the Lord had led me.  He gave me a heart for that rural community.  I really wanted to reach out to that community with some church outreach ideas I had.  I was told that the church had been running around 60 people.  However, there was a hitch.  The church already had a pretty bleak reputation in the community, so I did have my work cut out for me.  But God blessed my efforts and when I left that church about 4 years later we had several Sundays we were breaking the 100 barrier.

After leaving that church I went to another rural church in southern Indiana.  I was also told that church had been running around 60.  I’m a glutton for punishment I guess.  Would you like to know how rural this church was?  The first time I tried to go to it, I got lost.  We even had a nice cemetery in our back yard.... and our side yard.... and in our front yard.  Now that is rural.  Again, I put my church outreach ideas to work and God blessed it.  In just 3 1/2 years we were running between 90-110.

Fast forward a few years, now as a seasoned pastor, I want to share my church outreach ideas with you. Church outreach is not rocket science.  However, you could be the most gifted church leader out there, but if you don’t have the right ideas to use for your church outreach ministry, then you’re dead in the water.  So take advantage of this ebook today.

outreach mchurch outreach, outreach ministry, church outreach ideas ministry
church outreach
church outreach, outreach ministry, church outreach ideas
church outreach, outreach ministry, church outreach ideas

“Doing church outreach without good ideas is like running a telemarketing business from a phone booth.

It’s possible, but there is an easier way.”

-- Chuck Hendrix

church outreach, outreach ministry, church outreach ideas
church outreach
church outreach, outreach ministry, church outreach ideas


Truth Advertising can help you target your church outreach.

So how many ideas are really included in this ebook?  Is “more than 12 ideas” a marketing gimmick for 13 ideas?  Not hardly.  “Inflicting Positive Change In Your Outreach Ministry”, is packed with more than 25 church outreach ideas that you can use.  There are actually 14 “numbered” ideas in this ebook. However, if you count the two-for-one ideas and the sub-ideas, you can easily count more than 25 ideas. 

Think about it for just a minute:  What kind of outreach ministry potential is there for one good church outreach idea?  Can you now imagine the church outreach potential with 25 good ideas?  WOW!  This ebook could really launch your church into some church growth. 

BUT how much do these great ideas cost?  If you could experience the same 40% growth that I did using these ideas, how much would this ebook be worth?  $1,000? $100?  What about $1 per idea?  This church outreach ebook is certainly worth $25.  However, I’m not interesting in selling it to you for $25.  What if you took me out to dinner and I just gave these ideas to you?  Would that be worth it? I’ll sell you this book for even less than the cost of a nice dinner.  I want to help you advance the Kingdom of God.

You can even make copies for those in your church. That’s right!  Once you download this church outreach ebook, you are granted a legal limited license to make paper copies for your entire church leadership and/or outreach committee members.  This ebook is in the standard PDF format.  I would like to offer you two different layouts.  The first option is the “page layout”.   The “page layout”  would be similar to photo copying pages from a book.  It is where there are two pages side by side on one page.  The second option is the “booklet layout”.  The information is the exact same, however the look and layout is very different.  The “booklet layout” will be formated so you can make the booklets yourself.  So instead of handing your leadership “photo copied” pages, you can actually hand them the very same booklet that I hand out to my outreach ministry team members.

Don’t worry.  Even if you have never published your own booklet before, you can do this.  The “booklet layout” will include step by step directions on how to copy and assemble the booklets for your whole team.  God bless you and your church outreach efforts.  I will be praying for your success and God’s glory.

church outreach, outreach ministry, church outreach ideas

This ebook contains church outreach ideas for several different advantage points. 

        ~ ideas on how you can use community involvement as outreach opportunities

        ~ ideas that will boost your current outreach efforts

        ~ ideas that can increase your visitor flow on Sunday Morning

        ~ ideas on how to let people, who may have never heard of your church before, know you care

        ~ ideas that will help your church outreach plans be more strategic than ever

        ~ ideas that will help your members be part of the church outreach process

You have two formats to choose from so keep reading!

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